Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Dec-08

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  • Let's go through the plan item by item and update status and dates
    • laura has tried to update this based on what she knows.
    • looking at a switchover date of 1/15/2011 now. This is a holiday weekend. Is that a dealbreaker?
    • 1/22 also a possibility
    • 1.7.6 release date? probably has to be 2011, likely 1/6 or 1/11
      • WebQA can support either; later might be better, as early January will likely be chaotic

  • Lateness of 1.7.6 means we have to push a with email fix to enable hitting Support goal
    • I propose next Tuesday 12/14. Should be a trivial release.
    • Stage will need to be reverted to in order to test the email fix.

Other general issues

PG issues

PostgreSQL setup and configuration in PHX

  • Authentication for processors
  • Authentication/pooling for web
  • Location of connection poolers
  • Connection failover
  • Authentication/security for automated tasks

Other unresolved issues