Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Feb-10

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Production Status

  • Are we 100% caught up?
    • CrashKill is having a tough time with TCBS crash movement
    • Were all crash volumes artificially reduced and then later increased during recovery?
    • Effects of date processed in prod since 1/28
    • Everything is based on date_processed right? Do we need to adjust based on client crash date?
    • Next steps?
      • Yes, we are caught up as of Tuesday 10am
      • Some crashes may have been lost between Sunday and Tues as Sun filer was slower
      • We're on a FreeBSD filer and back to normal now
  • bug 544583 - ADU service who? priority?
    • Do we want to do a bug fix release before 1.5?
      • Case by case (?)

Next Steps

  • chofmann to file a bug on a specific 'jumpy' crash signature (top 10 -> top 300)
  • bug 544583 - lower priority, we'll timebox investigation
  • bug 545035 - Daily ADU/Crash bug - griswolf is on it

OOPP Blocker Post Mortem

  • I suck -- Aking 23:39, 8 February 2010 (UTC)
    • More QA needed?
    • platform testing took place in production, work on cross-team communication
  • Testing error or invalid stage env slowed time to release
    • Deployed to prod and then rolled back
  • Deployment issues
    • Stage and Prod release documentation

Homepage Slow Queries

Next Steps

  • aravind to provide slow query logs
    • ozten will setup daily report
    • webdev and IT to proactively monitor Postgres health
  • morgamic to evaluate memory purchase and prod requirements

Security Bugs

  • bug 543921 - next steps or are we done for now?
  • URL reports not useful in current state
  • Reports generated outside of Socorro have superseded these
  • Urchin states that a couple dozen views to bydomain and 120+ views to byurl

Next Steps

  • ozten to file bug to put all url reports behind auth


  • bug 545019 - Update prod nav product versions
  • Others covered in prod status above

1.5 Release Status

  • Review bug list
  • UI status
  • Hbase (hadoop) status
  • Impediments, blockers, etc for webdevs?

Next Steps

  • UI on stage needs more QA and Feedback
    • morgamic to talk to QA
    • ozten to email

Hadoop Project status

  • metrics any issues or questions?

ADU tweaks

Next Steps

  • ken or chofmann to comment on bug


  • No new SkiList as of last Monday