Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Feb-17

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Lars is back!

Homepage Slow Queries

  • morgamic bug 545006 - RAM requirements
  • bug 544952 pgfouine slow query log location
    • ozten will setup daily report

1.5 Release Status

  • thanks Ryan for getting platform team to look at stage (
  • morgamic to talk to QA
  • bug 464775 want queries/reports to help detect crashes that are caused by plugins / binary extensions
  • bug 470827 create new module and source file based crash reports
  • bug 519703 enhancements for crash csv files
  • bug 526342 Figure out how to debug raw crash dumps on a mac
  • bug 533489 prod sync socorro logs to cm-vpn01:/var/log/clusterlogs
  • bug 533613 Socorro - simplifying opportunity
  • bug 534443 Nightly top crash is only seen on old nightly builds
  • bug 538206 Add code to crash-report web heads to emit raw crash data to Hadoop cluster in addition to NFS
  • bug 539337 ADU - Help compare throttled / unthrottled versions
  • bug 543083 Gather emails for yslow crashes so we can contact users
  • bug 543605 Integrate highly correlated addons and modules into the top crashers by signature report
  • bug 543921 Socorro needs to strip usernames and passwords from URLs exposed to the public
  • bug 544397 Stage - Dashboard Missing Treatments for Topcrashers
  • bug 545035 - Daily ADU/Crash bug being staged, thanks griswolf
    • Not tagged as 1.5, should it be?


  • No Meeting


  • No new SkiList as of last Tuesday