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Socorro 1.3

The 1.3 push - what being done - what needs to be done

Display URL field

Bug 415027 Display URL field when viewing individual crash reports

  • ozten


  • Bug 470620 Create a new stat: crashes per user
  • Bug 534697 UI New Trend Report - ADU
  • Bug 526673 ADU foreign key mapping
  • Bug 537337 start regular inserts of ADU data into staging - FIXED
  • these are all about the ADU report
    • web service is done, tested and committed to trunk
      • a IT staging request has been made for the database changes is complete: Bug 537338
      • an IT request has been made to stage the new python web service: Bug 537844
      • documentation has been added to SocorroUpgrade
      • Lars has asked Daniel to get the raw_adu flowing into staging asap and into production
        • Daniel implemented to staging export. Waiting on go-ahead and verification of credentials to push to production.
        • a IT request was made and fixed to get him access 537338
    • someone needs to be responsible to make the production IT push request

Extensions table

  • Bug 520230 extension table columns are too short
    • this change may have to be deferred to 1.4 because the schema change requires hours of time with the database down.

CFRelease - compound signature

  • Bug 525378 Make CFRelease part of a compound signature
  • no response on the bug mean nothing has been done - shift to 1.4?
  • since its just a config change, this can really be done any time

Correlation reports

  • Punting to 1.4. I didn't finish in time. Aking 18:24, 6 January 2010 (UTC)
  • Bug 525785 Integrate correlation reports into Socorro UI

Speeding up minidump_stackwalk

Speeding up the web service

  • Bug 533757 Perf slow web service calls /200911/topcrash/sig/trend/history
    • a first attempt at this is coded, tested and committed to trunk
    • a further step involving partitioning the TCBS table is in testing (1.4)
    • the first set of changes will ship along with the ADU webservice changes
    • no further staging or production IT request are necessary for this

url sanitizing

  • Bug 532500 Enhancement to how url is sanitized for urldims table.
  • Truncating long URLs requires a new config value: truncateUrlLength in
    • this change has been coded, tested and checked into trunk
    • documentation has been added to SocorroUpgrade
    • an IT staging push request has been made: Bug 537841
    • 'someone will have to make the associated production push request'

TopCrashersSigHistoryAPI special quoting

  • Bug 533611 TCBS - missing totals by OS on blank signatures
  • Bug 534063 TopCrashersSigHistoryAPI needs special quoting
    • this is coded, tested and checked into trunk
    • this will get pushed along with the ADU enhancements, so no further IT staging or production requests are necessary here

Collector Throttling Granularity

  • Bug 534656 collector needs finer throttling granularity
    • coded and tested
    • documentation has been added to SocorroUpgrade
    • staging request has been made - and it is done
    • somebody will have to make the production push request

Search by Build ID

  • Bug 411354
    • an apparent last minute addition to 1.3
    • in order to work properly, the solution must have support of indexes in the reports partitions or there will sequence scan timeouts
    • a single index on the 'reports' table will not work
    • this will need attention immediately if 411354 is to get pushed in 1.3

Socorro 1.4

  • Schedule a triage so we can decide what's in and what is not


Add integration with Hadoop cluster to crash-report web heads