Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Jul-14

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  • Timeline from the summit: aim for freeze 7/28, push 8/10
  • We need to add support for jetpack and content crashes bug 578687
  • Summary of critical path todos for 1.8 (from email discussion):
    • document the processed json
    • remove the jsonified stackwalk output from the processed json
    • write the feeder
      • need a clear interface in for iterating over processed legacy crashes (this is for you, daniel)
    • rework registrar to forward queries to processors
    • rework processor self health assessment to not deregister itself on orderly shutdown
    • merge back into trunk
    • modwsgi collector
  • laura to talk to QA about selecting test cases, submitting to 1.8., diffing 1.7 and 1.8 json
  • lars: a study in the locations/name/transfomations of crash json data
  • daniel wants feedback on OperationalMetrics


  • Will ship this in Q3, but not 2.0
  • Current goal is:
    • "Socorro - Enable building custom query tools and UI on top of hbase."

Summit followup

Other issues

  • No CrashKill this week
  • laura, lars, ryansnyder at OSCON next week