Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Jun-09

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  • processor problem over the weekend
    • "too many open files"
    • only one processor effected
    • went on for at least 4 days before it was noticed by a user
    • 115802 crashes assigned to that processor were ruined
    • recommended WONTFIX
      • too much effort to try to reproduce
      • NFS is going away soon anyway
    • recommended additional monitoring Bug 570511


  • Status please! (lars, deinspanjer, aravind)
  • Ship it? / Don't ship it? - sounding like no?
    • If not tomorrow, when to ship?
      • deinpanjer: I'm actually feeling much better about the possibility of shipping tomorrow. This bad region thing isn't an issue in production. I'm researching how we can get rid of it on staging so we can run a couple more stress tests to see if there is any further timeout issue.
      • lars: I'm cool with pushing
    • chofmann: update on 3.6.4 ETA please!


  • Status updates
    • Lars - new processor in progress
      • probably not done by Friday
    • SQL survey
      • most will have to be replaced with HBase/Hadoop equivalents
      • fear under estimated the scope of this change
      • once the survey is done, expect a flurry of new bugs - one for each


  • PRD
  • chowse working on mocks
  • Next week, blog

Other issues

  • Summit!
    • Breakout session
    • Science Fair


  • Not this week