Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Mar-31

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Current Issues

  • 1.6 status and push-readiness
  • Q2 Goals discussion
    • Need to tie these down over the next week, will inform 1.7 triage
    • Get one report retrieving directly from Hadoop - my concern with this is if it depends on the developer API from Metrics, which is a stretch goal for them, we may be blocked
    • How do we need to support Metrics?
    • A very drafty pre-roadmap document developing at SocorroRoadmap2010
    • What else?
  • 1.7 triage meeting - Friday?


  • when is a bug actually resolved?
    • lars doesn't mark them resolved until they're working in production
    • everyone else resolves them at checkin time
    • which should be the standard? (how do we get Lars to change?)
    • [laura] I vote for RESOLVED on commit and VERIFIED once we see it working in staging
  • 1.6 Bugs
  • Will push 4/1 except for bug 534443 which will start Saturday


  • No CrashKill meeting this week, and the slot for these meetings has moved to 11am PDT Thursday from April 8.