Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-May-26

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  • bugs
  • Frozen
  • Ready for QA? They will do one run through about now and repeat close to release
  • Cron job testing - need a way to extract a ton of crashes from HBase for dbarons scripts.
  • Planned activities during freeze:
    • Testing (what/when/who)
    • Writing tests (frontend subteam: Selenium, others?)
    • Release planning (see below)
    • Start on 1.8 bugs

1.7 release planning

  • This is going to be one of the riskier/more challenging releases
  • Suggested date: June 8 (any chance earlier?)
  • Suggestions (thanks to morgamic for brainstorming on these)
    • Use duplicate routing to send crashes to *both* 1.6 and 1.7 until we're satisfied 1.7 is working appropriately (like we do with hbase at present)
      • Need extra boxes for this, stay on 15% throttling until we're happy
      • Lars points out that 1.7 doesn't get us 100% processing. That's 1.8. There is no need to raise throttling.
      • Throttling up gradually?
      • Phased switchover possible?
    • Release in morning Pacific Time
    • Release walk through meeting beforehand

1.8 triage

  • 1.8 needs downscoping (or as shaver calls it "rightscoping")
  • bugs
  • What's missing from this list? What bugs are critical for the release?

2.0 planning

  • Interviews nearly complete (one more to go, juan)
  • laura drafting PRD and will shortly need help from Jedi Master chowse to build some mocks


  • Not this week

Other Issues

  • How much data (hours?) did we miss yesterday?