Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Nov-03

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PHX migration

  • Initial dates are at the bottom of the Stability Plan but these are now *wrong*
  • Hardware delayed (see socorro-dev)
  • Poll: Are you available Jan 8/9 or Jan 15/16?
    • FYI - Martin Luther King Day is Monday Jan 17 2011
  • New nodes for SJC:
    • Enough to last us until Janurary (confirmed)
    • Explain rollout plan [deinspanjer]
  • Had planned on recreating staging from puppet after 1.7.5 - should we hold off? [jabba/rhelmer]
    • no change - going to make changes to staging and evaluate


  • Propose we expand the scope of this release somewhat to requirements for PHX + selected other bugs.
  • Suggest max of 20 bugs before QA.
  • Suggested freeze date: 11/18
  • Suggested push date: 12/1

Other issues