Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Nov-10

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1.7.5 postmortem

  • Went quite smoothly, updateTCBS took 10x as long as expected
  • Noticed a small problem with trends bug 611021 bug 611018
    • Pushed today with workaround, likely tomorrow for fix
  • discovered a processor machine missed being upgraded
    • resolved during Monday's restart of HBase
    • processors appear to be much more tolerant of HBase shenanigans.
    • concern about monitor not being so tolerant
    • will watch Wednesday night HBase restart

Stability Plan Status

  • Stability Plan Let's go through this. Particular issues I know we need to talk about:
    • Status of new SJC nodes [xstevens]
    • Updated PHX timeline [laura]
    • Config / build management updates [rhelmer]
    • Problems with collector local storage idea bug 608734 [lars]
      • local store may not keep up
      • subtle 5 minutes delay in JsonDumpStorage will torpedo priority jobs.
    • 0.89 upgrade plans
    • Load testing: jbalogh's Node.js duplex proxy


Other issues

  • the 35 after the hour stall problem
    • the screen scraping
    • no further progress in understanding this?
  • solr versus elastic search; what is the timing on making a decision and rolling this out? [rhelmer]