Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Oct-13

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  • bugs
  • holding for bug 604126 - backport suicide prevention
  • Is everything else staged?
  • Release 10/19? 10/21?
    • QA needs more time; haven't been able to start testing

Stability / Architecture

  • Getting stable takes priority over anything else in the roadmap.
  • Sent round an email about architectural changes.
  • In a nutshell, we want to increase availability by:
    • Collecting crashes to a queue
    • Making processing not dependent on HBase uptime
    • Making webapp not dependent on HBase uptime
  • Trying to schedule an onsite, hopefully last week in October (that's in TEN DAYS) subject to approval.

Other issues

  • PHX status? [mrz]
  • 1.8 postmortem bugs status updates
    • Devs should now have access to staging, except for webapp (see bug 598750 for details).
  • 1.7/1.8 working with HBase 0.89 research cluster (see bug 602201)
    • might be a small socorro-side bug, investigating more before calling this "done"