Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Oct-20

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  • bugs
  • Please don't add anything else to this release, unless it's a regression or blocker.
  • Remaining bugs:
    • bug 605360 Correlation reports 500
    • bug 587758 Throttling stuff, needed by mid-November, so depends on ship dates
    • bug 562216 Hide plugin crashes/hangs - reopened
    • bug 600385 Security review for postcrashemail, due 11/3?!?
  • Let's not ship during the onsite this time.


  • The Stability Plan incorporates outstanding bugs from postmortems. We'll likely add to it next week.
  • Schedule
    • Might get a Rabbit engineer in to talk to as well
    • There will be a Webdev hosted dinner/drinks event on Wed or Thur, not sure which yet

Other issues

  • PHX HBase boxes shipped!
  • release automation
    • close to making all unittests pass bug 605306
    • Hudson now running code coverage and pylint tests (needs some attention)
    • rhelmer and jabba working on scripted socorro install bug 605185
  • Metrics OnCall roster for use with critical Hbase problems