Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Sep-15

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  • Pushed last night (epic)
  • Pushed updated release just before this meeting -
  • Solved Issues:
    • middleware broke: config issue, not hitting pgbouncer
    • dbfeeder was getting backed up: solved by sharding data and running two
    • webapp issues: config issues
    • raw dumps broken - old urls still work, reverted
    • topcrashers cron job was broken: patched
    • symbol server config setting in processor was broken during upgrade so dumps processed before lunchtime today have no symbols
  • Open issues:
    • crash submission is slow:
      • fixed an exception in the collector
      • aravind in the process of adding a second collector
      • lars and deinspanjer working on a patch to avoid using the collectors for submission, use cleanup job instead
      • medium term: look at moving to something like celery for queueing crashes for processing
    • 500s/no data in some ADU reports
    • email address not showing in crash dumps (dbfeeder issue)
  • Postmortem today or tomorrow


  • Postcrash status [ozten]
    • Some new requirements (for q4) emerging
  • Freeze by 9/20, push 9/28


  • SOLR API status [ryan, laura]
    • working on code this week in between firefighting
    • stage 9/28

Miscellaneous issues

  • Need to plan Q4 releases and goals
  • We should work together to get better unit/Selenium tests on staging/prod; let's talk in next week's meeting - stephend