Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Sep-22

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  • Thanks to everyone for the hard work and good crisis response last week.
  • Postmortem notes and bugs
  • We will be getting some new infrastructure in PHX and then will get SJC hardware to split between staging/dev
  • Plan for 1.8 release is: put 1.8 on new infra and test (early Nov), flip the switch Nov 15. Rollback would require flipping the switch back to SJC for 1.7.
  • Between now and November 15:
    • tidy up the procsubmitter and load test as best we can
    • develop a load testing strategy
    • try to solve stackwalker OOM issues
  • QA strategy?
  • Load-testing strategy?
    • Might want to investigate ab, JMeter, or Siege


  • Yes, these are in a strange order
  • 1.7.4 will include postcrash email phase 1 and chofmann's requested bugs
  • Aim to roll out approx mid-October


  • Aim to roll out early December
  • Add postcrash email phase 2 here?
  • If we're done in time, should we roll these components into 1.8?


  • Currently we have:
    • [NEW] Proper load testing and staging environment for Socorro
    • [CARRY OVER] Socorro - Enable building custom query tools and UI on top of hbase (Socorro 1.9 API)
    • (Support) [CARRY OVER] Make it easier for users to get support for crashes through a revamped about:crashes experience (shared with Socorro and Engineering) (Socorro 1.7.4)
    • (Support) [NEW] Send helpful troubleshooting information to users experiencing Firefox crashes (Socorro 1.9 email)
  • IT's goals for Q4
  • Metrics' goals for Q4
  • Remember: everything we do must support Firefox 4.

Other issues