Breakpad/Status Meetings/2010-Sep-29

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  • 6 bugs
  • need bug 596689 and bug 600246 before beta 7, so we'll need to do a mini push, assuming 1.7.4 won't be baked in time. These only change the csv generation so are exceedingly low risk. No user facing downtime. If there is a problem we can roll back and regenerate CSVs.
  • Freeze: next week? when?
  • How long for sec review?
  • How long for QA?
    • Hard to say; none have yet been fixed
      • I'd like a week, with all the other stuff we've got going on -- is that doable?


  • procsubmitter is done, needs test/qa love and load test
  • lars working on data inconsistencies
  • bugs
  • How can we do basic load tests before we get Phoenix?
  • How should we load test once we get Phoenix?

Other issues

  • Discussion of last week and this week's issues
    • hole in the table
    • drive failure