Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-Apr-20

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  • Lars suggests we do a quick roundtable for everyone to say what they have been working on. +1 from me, so let's do it. In future weeks you can put this on the wiki beforehand.


  • Release *tomorrow* 4pm PDT
  • Regressions, et al: bugs


  • Need to triage: will do this tomorrow
  • Freeze: May 12
  • Release: May 19

Other issues

  • Priorities for Q2, from CrashKill team:
    • New reports:
      • hang pairs (bug 637661) - try to get this for non-throttled builds, match when match is available on throttled builds.
      • Integration of "external" reports: bug 640237, bug 640238, bug 640241, bug 640242, bug 641487
    • Shrink the UItweaks list - <>: bug 644783, bug 639857, bug 641484, bug 563110, bug 558683, bug 562380, bug 504704, others as possible, easier ones and ones that affect common workflows (as discussed on all-hands) first
    • Get fit for new development channels: bug 640233 (and bug 649432 depending on product side)
    • First simple version of DLL Dictionary (this is the hard one to fit in IMO)
  • General responsibilities:
    • Lars: refactoring, JSON changes, storage systems
    • Ted: JSON changes, binary symbols
    • Lonnen: external reports
    • Brandon: kill the UI tweaks list and help Lonnen with reports
    • Rob: search
    • Adrian: help rhelmer with search