Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-August-03

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  • Went out yesterday
  • Kairo blogged and Laura did too
  • We missed a config change because stage is still on ES.
    • Laura proposes we move stage back to PG until 2.2. Discussion, please.


  • rhelmer and laura triaged yesterday
  • Status update - rhelmer
  • bugs
  • Quick UI question: I'd like to be able to see old and new reports for beta channel (even if it means manually going to the old url, and changing links to the new URL).
  • Original freeze date: tomorrow
    • It seems likely we will miss this. The important thing is to ship this AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
  • brandonsavage and laura both available to help anywhere needed

On site

  • Schedule
  • Expect to spend most of Monday - Thursday sprinting as a group
  • Team activity: any specific requests?
    • Dinner? Something more exciting?

Other issues

  • Brandon has staged an initial version of the DLL Directory
    • Discussion on how to get dll data out of socorro and into the dll directory
  • On going network trouble connecting to Thrift/HBase
    • recovery isn't smooth
    • been going on all month
    • peaked on Monday
    • now happening several times per day
    • do we need to alert on all CRITICAL messages in any app's log?