Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-August-10

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  • Status
  • What do we need to fix on staging? And who?
  • When to release it?
    • If we're not ready tomorrow: Friday morning? Weekend? Monday is too late IMO.


  • Turn on indexing next Wednesday (8/17)
  • Switch webapp next Friday if all goes well (8/19)

2.3 planning

  • Priorities via Sheila:
    • plugin/hang pairs
    • aurora/nightly stuff
    • url correlations - signature page - might be p2
    • fix the utc/mv day issue
  • sheila/kairo to check if the right bugs logged for all of these

Other issues

  • Investigating stat problems from Monday
    • crash numbers look normal, adus look normal but the graphs show a dip. Ideas?
  • Need schema changes on dev as it's currently broken (dba)
  • Config changes probably 2.4
  • JSON changes probably 2.5