Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-August-24

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Outage update

  • Status (laura, deinspanjer, tmary)


  • Will be our next release
    • bugs
    • Fix the admin panel - where are we with this?
    • Ship some skiplist changes
    • I'd like to ship this tomorrow-ish.


  • Been a tad delayed on this, what with crisis after crisis and half the team out
  • Need a dev and stage db to do this right, will be some time (weeks)
  • Triage
    • Nightlies/aurora - need spec, bugs [lonnen to update if he's in the call, working on mocks]
    • Hang pairs
    • Plugin/content crash urls (bug #?)
  • Timing? Hard to say, blocked

Normalization of Reports Table (and other cleanup of PG)

Other issues

  • ElasticSearch indexing: when? After HBase is fixed.
  • Postmortem for 2.2 next week when everyone is back on deck.