Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-August-31

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  • bugs
  • Pushing today?


  • Next week: Freeze Tuesday, push Thursday
  • bugs so far
  • Catch up on regressions, some actual bugs, SkipList, UI tweaks
  • database fixes:
    • final beta counting
    • Fennec beta releases
    • will require rebuild of matviews back several weeks


  • Tomorrow work for everyone?

HBase stability

  • deinspanjer update



  • Status of nightly/aurora reports: lonnen
    • new charts
    • move nightly/aurora to newtcbs
  • Hang pairs: laura
  • Expecting this will be done around the end of September

Other issues

  • Starting to plan Q4:
    • Whatever rolls over from this list above
    • Clean up loose ends around newtcbs: audit code
    • New config system
    • Docs to sphinx
  • All Hands sessions?