Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-Feb-23

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  • Bugs
  • Duplicates
    • Where are we? [jberkus, laura, ryansnyder]
  • Explosive crashes
    • Pushed to 1.7.8, waiting on spec
  • Date of first occurrence
    • Tentatively pushed out to 1.7.8
    • status of bug 629054?
  • Plan is to freeze tomorrow with what we have, release next Thursday 3/3
    • QA approval?


  • Bugs
  • Want to keep this release very small as the time is short, need to ship by end March
  • If you have bugs to add to it (lars, kairo) do so this week please

Other issues

  • Staging
    • Staging boxes are built with the exception of stage db and the "trunk/preview" system - blocked until devs done using the boxes.
    • Need to configure Zeus
    • Need unknown number of firewall rules
    • jabba working on repurposing sjc hadoop nodes for new clusters, one of which will likely be needed for socorro stage and a different one for the "trunk/preview" system.
  • Old data
    • there exists a machine with data from early 2009
    • it includes dumps that were never migrated out
    • What should its disposition be?