Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-Jan-19

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  • canceled for SJC production

Introduced to resolve fallback trouble during HBase downtime

  • bug 626328 - collectors can fail to send to disk
  • lead to discovery of
    • bug 626944 - hbaseResubmit cron missing on two collectors
    • bug 627028 - IT set up missing cron on two collectors
      • discussion of ramifications of introducing old crashes now


the plan and the checklist

  • Smoke Test
    • Test plan [rhelmer] schedule
    • Can we now test with loaded HBase?
    • When to run component failure/failover tests?
  • HBase
    • Daniel/X to update
    • Hbase specific steps
    • Sync: exact plans please
      • Are we doing another full sync before Sat? (Thursday night was orig plan)
      • SJC ->SCL2???
  • Postgres
    • Josh update
  • Network issues
    • What are we going with? What do we still need from netops?
    • How will we test this?
  • Rehearsal
    • Dress rehearsal for migration: 1pm PT Friday