Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-July-06

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2.0 review

  • We probably should have held ship on this:
    • Longer QA bake
    • Tests


  • can we do a quick/small 2.1 soon?
    • bug 665986 - make vcsMappings more automatic
    • bug 668687 - postcrash email not working with signatures containing spaces
    • ES tests
  • How about doing a freeze 7/19 (next Tuesday) and shipping 7/21
  • Triage needed, laura todo in next 24 hours


  • Status of prod boxes? (dre)
  • Plan - let's get dates on this, please!
    • light up prod ES boxes - by July 15
    • turn on two processors, watch perf for 24 hours - sometime in test period, before July 15
    • turn on rest of processors, watch for another 2-3 days
    • backfill data - run manually once all processors switched over
    • turn on webapp - aim for by 22nd, long window by the end of the month

Q3 Goals

Other issues

  • github move. What are the dependencies? How soon can we do this?
    • Define proposed github process - laura, rhelmer to document
    • Set up Jenkins
    • Package/stage/release process changes
    • Documentation can lag (ie stay on Google Docs) until our doc sprint if needed (see below)
  • Possible team onsite week of August 8
    • Sprint on new config system, documentation
    • Sprint on pep8 compliance?