Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-July-13

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  • QA asked for freeze to push out to next week, so
    • Freeze 7/19
    • Release 7/21
  • I have added in the content crash related bugs, which need doing pretty urgently. This is the critical focus of this release
  • 2.1 bugs


  • Focus of 2.2 is changing the aggregation criteria, as per yesterday's meeting
  • bug list not finalized, need to file some, but
  • Timeline
    • Needed for Fx6 final beta
    • Hard Freeze by 8/4
    • Hard Ship by 8/11
  • What do we need to discuss/document before implementation can begin?


  • Status as per plan (dre):
    • light up prod ES boxes - was by July 15 - now TBD, another week? Hardware problems.
    • turn on two processors, watch perf for 24 hours - sometime in test period, before July 15
    • turn on rest of processors, watch for another 2-3 days
    • backfill data - run manually once all processors switched over
    • turn on webapp - aim for by 22nd, long window by the end of the month

Other issues

  • Onsite Aug 8-12. Don't plan too many meetings. This is a sprint week.
  • github/release stuff: laura and rhelmer discussed, working on doc which will be circulated. We won't change process until rhelmer is back on deck.