Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-Mar-30

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  • Just to clarify: the Staging document is a proposal. Right now we just have the environment described under "Stage" and it's running trunk with a small dataset. Should be enough to certify 1.7.7.
  • We'll proceed with this plan after 1.7.7 is signed off.
  • Some questions around PG setup, am in discussion with Josh.


  • Remaining issues:
  • Goal: get these closed out and get QA signoff the week after AllHands, i.e. by April 15th. Then we'll try and ship.

Other issues

  • Meeting with crashkill team next Wednesday at AllHands
  • Three new Webtools people starting next week
  • bug 577613 - possible new webapp? Let's discuss (briefly).
  • Goals for Q2: won't finalize these until we meet with the CrashKill team next week.
    • Likely to be end-user oriented, with something about ElasticSearch.
      • JSON changes are a pre-requisite
    • Need to talk to Metrics/Daniel about Hazelcast POC.
    • If you have particular personal goals or things you think are important, please email me, or discuss 1:1.