Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-May-18

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  • bugs
  • Freeze tomorrow

ElasticSearch update

  • Daniel and Anurag demo

Other issues

  • Releases and dates.
    • 1.7.8 hopefully next week
    • 2.0 will be ES.
    • Next release will freeze 6/14 and release 6/21. We may be able to do a release 6/21.
    • Realistically ES may not be done in time, so we might ship a 1.7.9 with other stuff that is done.
    • If ES is done but hardware not in place, we'll ship it preferenced off so we can just turn it on later.
  • Lonnen on PTO today for a medical issue, but will be in tonight so he can submit bug 649545.
    • Finished PHP controller that wraps Bugzilla rest API calls in the Socorro web app cache (memcache) with a 15 minute TTL. Just send it a query as if it was a bugzilla rest api url.
    • Still refactoring the files that touch the database for their bug information. We will be able to store less, but will still need to keep storing and retrieving bug numbers.
  • MDSW JSON changes: how are we going to roll this out?
    • Ted's bug 636868 is pretty much done, but we'll need to make the associated processor and webapp changes in sync. ** I assume we'll land all of this in the ES release.