Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-November-02

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  • bugs
  • QA basically complete
  • Backfill tonight (~6 hours?) and push tomorrow?


  • bugs
  • What else is on people's lists for next week?
  • Freeze Thur 11/10
  • Push Mon 11/14

Other issues

  • Let's catch up on status of quarterly plans:
    • Staging to PHX - coming RSN, jason has most of this done, waiting on firewall changes
    • ElasticSearch [adrian] - have staging boxes, ready for QA
    • Middleware reorg [adrian] - writing unit tests, may land for 2.3.3
    • Configman [lars/peterbe] - done in next two weeks, push in December?
    • Queue prototype [rhelmer] - may get some help from bbangert
    • cronjob manager [rhelmer, jberkus] - document requirements as if we would build ourselves, check options, then build if we have to (rhelmer and laura to kick off tomorrow)
    • change github branch process [rhelmer, brandon, lonnen]