Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-November-16

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  • bugs
  • QA: some unverified bugs? [mbrandt]
  • Waiting on LegNeato for push approval


  • bugs - let's triage these
  • TCBS, daily_crashes replumbing (Josh)
  • Version sorting
  • Fix signature summary per Kairo?
  • Timeline. Next week is a 3 day week in the US. Think this depends on when we push 2.3.3, too. Freeze Monday, push Wednesday?

Other issues

  • When can we start landing configman? [lars, peterbe]
  • Giving Marcia & Kairo read-only query access? [josh]
    • Perf? Can we set guidelines for what not to do (query reports without a date range) or limitations?
  • Release process discussion yesterday - notes
  • What solutions for caching in the middleware? [adrian]