Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-November-30

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  • Was pushed, minor regression caused us to push
  • Regression was due to no link to staging HBase, now fixed (yay)


  • bugs
  • Frozen/branched
  • Branch for this is called "stage" if making pull requests for bug fixes
  • Push Monday?
  • Next one will be 2.4


  • current bugs - needs triage
  • Freeze: start of day Monday? Or after the onsite?
  • Friday, December 9th QA test day - focus on adding automation

Native UI considerations

  • Need a time estimate for this
  • Background: Native UI will land in phones about Fennec 11 and tablets in 13 or 14. These crashes will have the same product name, but they have offered to add the appid (as used by AMO) to the JSON
  • Implementation suggestion: rather than rewriting aggregation code, processor to rewrite the product name for specified crashes. Feedback?

Other issues