Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-October-26

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  • Status of staging - jberkus
    • We are stalled because of absence of Rhelmer
      • he reverted some 2.3.1 changes just before departure, which 2.3.2 depends on
    • what to do?
  • bugs
  • Trying to aim for Thursday freezes and Monday pushes
  • Push might slip because mbrandt, stephend not available today/Thursday (at GTAC) so might need more QA time, unsure
    • yes, likely. need multiple QA runs for this one


  • OS / Product / Version reports
  • replumbing around reports_clean for faster/better matviews
  • formal tests for matviews?

Other issues

  • Winqual stuff off the table for now, will keep you updated
  • Elastic search boxes ordered 10/19
  • Update from Jason re staging/PHX: boxes imaged, puppet work needed but he's really snowed. ETA probably < 1 month.


Schalk Neethling (espressive)

Currently working on

  1. link "back" to signature overview from individual crash pages

    Code done, need to sort out OOID not found problems on dev.

     * Not sure of the settings for Crash Me Now to get it into my virtual host
     * Running results in ImportError: No module named socorro.lib.util
  2. Make "Open This URL" more visually distinct from URLs/domains in By Domain/By URL reports]
  3. "Advanced" link should show advanced fields
  4. Get chofmann's rank compare (between versions) reports into Socorro

Pull requests sent for

  1. Fix version sort on home page
  2. link RSS feeds into Search Results