Breakpad/Status Meetings/2011-September-21

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All Hands outcomes

  • Q4 goals
    • Re-org the middleware [adrian]
    • Move all data access into the middleware [adrian, lonnen]
    • New json format [ted, lars]
    • Implement new config system [lars, peterbe]
    • Implement queueing system [rhelmer, lonnen, peterbe]
    • Work through CrashKill priority list (mostly the same list as Q3, we have made a small dent only) [lonnen, brandon]
    • Get all reports off old TCBS [jberkus, mpressman]
    • Updated docs in Sphinx [peterbe, brandon]
    • Clean up matview code [jberkus, mpressman]

Other issues

  • mbrandt on PTO 9/23 - 10/3