Breakpad/Status Meetings/2012-March-28

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Meeting Info

Teleconference: room 300
Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Socorro Release Tracker
Socorro Bug Tracker


  • bugs
  • Dev/stage status for elastic search:
    • In progress, blocked by IT resources
    • We will not get this this week, Q1 goal is a miss
  • Are we good to release code? (QA?)
  • Database changes require processors to be offline for a few minutes. When do we want to do this? Now?



Socorro (crash-stats)

  • (carryover) Get ES into production
  • New reports for CrashKill group
  • Leverage ES to give better insight into crash reports (This means: fix some of the 50 bugs that are blocked by ES)
  • Modernize front end code (Finish middleware refactor; get at least one page being served from new framework, probably search)
  • Automate remaining manual infrastucture (cron job automation; database snapshotting; etc)

Is this too much? Not enough? Just right?

Other issues

  • No Webtools-specific onsite for now
    • Laura in MV April 16
    • Webdev offsite April 30 (No Laura or Brandon)
    • Stability onsite in MV June 11 or June 18
  • add [mentor=your@bugmail] to whiteboard for good first bugs