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There's a large dropoff between the number of people who file their first and second bug in Bugzilla, still more between the second and third and so on.

We want to encourage new bug filers to become Mozillians. We can help during the early triage process (the general and untriaged components,) and we can make changes to bug filing in Bugzilla, but we need a way to track our progress.


We share a dashboard with measures of the number of bugs individual filers file, how frequently the file, and the distribution of bugs filed per/contributor, per-month.

The data for these queries is generated by a python script and is updated weekly.

Current Work

Bugs in Bugzilla don't say this is the filer's n-th bug (ordinality.) The data script is being updated with a list of new bug filers we get from the bmo team, so we can get the ordinality of each bug a new (since 2015) bugzilla user files. Once that's done, we'll update the dashboard.