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This is a rough outline of the top-line goals of the Bugzilla project. This is not specifically about the next major release (6.0) but the bigger picture. This bigger picture should be the ways in which the mainline bugzilla codebase can be a collaborative endeavor between various Bugzilla installs.


These ideas are taken from a sampling of issues on bugzilla.mozilla.org, bugzilla.redhat.com (BRC), bugzilla.gnome.org (BGO), and bugs.eclipse.org (BEO).

Webhooks or Push Connector API

It looks like there is quite a use case for either a webhooks system or at least including the push connector extension into core Bugzilla.

 The relationship to what BGO wants is a stretch. Probably the advanced bugmail filtering BMO has
 would be a better fit.
  • BMO: (bug?)
 We have a push connector system that is fairly flexible (and extensible). One of the our next
 quarter goals may be to take this connector and make a webhook system.

Auth Stack Changes

Several Bugzillas want openid support. The hardest part of this is the state of the authentication stack.

 this was WONTFIX'd, and BMO will probably never use this.
 That said, BMO has made made extensive changes to the auth stack and is
 willing to provide some support to the BRC devs in accomplishing this.

Modernize UI

Modernizing the bugzilla UI is a perennial topic. There is a 15 year old bug on handling "branches" or "sightings" in show_bug. Dylan, Denis/Eclipse think it would be in the best interests of not duplicating all the effort that went into BMO's modal UI by adopting it in core bugzilla. This could be contentious as it was not designed for uses of Bugzilla other than Mozilla's, but it would be a much saner starting point than anything else.

Mobile UI

Part of the UI modernization process could include a mobile-friendly UI "for free". Modern frameworks such as Bootstrap provide this.

  • BEO obviously wants this
 Dale Harvey and Kohei Yoshino have both efforts to this effect.
 Before spending extra time on a mobile UI, some testing should go towards to using either of the experimental mobile front-ends
 against mainline Bugzilla. 
 Kohei will attend the next Bugzilla project meeting and there will be a discussion of bzdeck for mainline bugzilla.

https://www.bzdeck.com/ works currently for BMO, but it looks quite possible to get it working with a 5.0 branch of mainline bugzilla.

screenshot, Intro slides, API enhancement ideas

Advanced Search UI Problems

Product/Component Watching

Should core the component watching extension. This has actually been on Dylan's plate but was fairly difficult as initially described. Possibly the only real blocker is testing against non-MySQL.