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Bugzilla Localization Working Group

There are people who make localizatons happen: the localizers.

Also, there are people who make localizations possible: architects, analysts, and developers. Localization as long-term design goal may affect decision making in many points that may look orthogonal.


The l10n team has been created on 36th meeting.

  • Siarhei, Belarus
  • Cédric Corazza (Cedric), France
  • Marc Schumann (Wurblzap), Germany
  • Shimono Atsushi (himorin), Japan
  • Vitaly Fedrushkov (SnowyOwl), Russia


Knowledge sharing 
Reduce effort duplication between localization projects.
Localizability improvement 
Fix mainstream product bugs which lead to problems in localized sites. Offer rigorous testing for changes affecting i18n.
Better tools 
Use and develop better tools to facilitate localization.
User support 
Develop uniform terminology for application domain in each language. Provide support to Bugzilla users in their languages.


Mailing list 
localizers@bugzilla.org was created in 2003 to inform all localizers about critical issues. Now it is used for team communication.
mozilla.dev.apps.bugzilla should be used for discussions open to all Bugzilla developers.
Bugzilla localization needs and plans.
Localizers Guide 
now updated by Cédric Corazza.
Bugs and problems 
Common l10n and l12y bugs, problems and solutions.
Test site at landfill
This 4.0 installation has bg, cs, de, en, es, fr, ja, pl, ru, and zh-tw installed. You may see how it looks like, and try to reproduce various problems.
Time zone gaps make IRC less useful for us, than to other teams :-)

Localization projects

List of all known localization efforts, including duplicated and unfinished.

Summary of deliverables is available on Bugzilla download page.

To Do

How to contribute