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Why Unimportant?

I guess the first thing people are going to ask about Fabio is: why have I classified him as Unimportant? My thinking is that people like Fabio are going to use Bugzilla very infrequently; and when they do, they can be directed to bug entry templates which present a user interface quite different to the one everyone else uses. Those users who have even less skill can even use something like Hendrix. Therefore, I think Fabio is not a Focal persona.

However, people should feel free to argue with me on this.

Gerv 10:37, 23 June 2006 (PDT)

Reporters ARE important

Fabio himself is probably not going to make a big difference for the product, but several reporters considered as a group will! Said otherwise, you don't want to focus on Fabio, but on reporters as a whole. And it's important that they file bugs in the right product and component, with the best bug description as possible. Moreover, it's important they are quickly and accurately informed about possible duplicates, as such reporters are those probably filing 90% of all dupes, making triagers waste their time, and polluting bug lists of developers.

enter_bug.cgi should be kind enough to help unprivileged users as much as possible, e.g. by having a better step by step system and scanning the bug summary to find potential dupes.

LpSolit, Feb 8, 2007