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CFAA refers to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The CFAA was recently used to bully (Lessig 2013) open access advocate Aaron Swartz which contributed to his death ( 2013).

This page is for collecting and organizing those of us in the Mozilla community who, as we did with SOPA/PIPA, want to take action to reform (perhaps repeal) the CFAA.

What You Can Do

  • "You should blog that."[1] For now, write and publish a blog post with your opinions about the CFAA, and what you think should be done. Then add your blog post to the below list.

Blog Posts

Blog posts by Mozillans about the CFAA. Please feel free to add yours (newest first).

Articles and Proposals

Notable articles, proposals, and industry blog posts about the CFAA (newest first)

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