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CSS text-size-adjust

This page is for tracking the development of a standard 'text-size-adjust' property. There are three known vendor prefixed implementations of it: -moz-, -ms-, -webkit-.

Web developers are using at least 4 prefixed implementations in the wild, including -o-text-size-adjust which Opera does not implement (as of 2012-088 per Florian of Opera on the CSSWG telcon that morning).

See the W3C Editor's Draft: CSS Mobile Text Size Adjustment Module Level 1

- Tantek

property definition

See the W3C Editor's Draft:

editor next actions

should for FPWD

define percentage values

The definition of <percentage> is not particularly clear.

  • Need to figure out what iOS Safari actually *does* for percentages.

A somewhat reasonable guess might be that it sets a maximum inflation level, but relative to what? Is '0%' equivalent to 'none', or is '100%', or are they both different from 'none' in some way? If it actually just specifies the inflation that would be pretty bad.

  • Create some test cases to figure out what iOS is doing for %s and test them on an iOS device (iPhone / iPod touch / iTouch).
  • write-up percentage details accordingly

should for LCWD

  • resolve all issues in draft
  • develop a few prefixed-implementation test-cases for each value type
  • demonstrate interoperability of prefixed-implementation test-cases

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