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Contact: Carsten Book "Tomcat" and Florian Effenberger

Overview :

The Idea is to bring OpenSource Projects together in a local region like as example the greater Munich Area and to Connect People that are interested in getting involved into OpenSource.

It should be a way to connect OpenSource Project, to exchange knowledge and to maybe work together on local events.

TBD: We need to fine a name for this Events ;)

Communication Channels

  • We will use the following Channels:
    • Twitter:
    • Facebook:


Requirements/ToDo List

  • Blogging/Tweeting/Facebook/Xing Announcements – also maybe on the Munich/opensource lists too
  • Collecting Feedback how many people would be interested
  • Make it clear that's its an open event for everyone and everyone is invited and that's open also for other projects
  • invite LiMUX Project / City of Munich
  • 2 short Talks, maybe introduction of one Mozilla Topic (like 10 minute overview over Mozilla) and the same for openoffice
  • Select a location in Munich (restaurant, or one of the location that florian has suggested).
  • Do IT !