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Calendar Bugzilla Component Architecture

This page helps people unfamiliar with the calendar architecture to understand how the Bugzilla components map to various parts of the software. Hopefully, this will aid you in choosing the proper component to file a bug against.

Our Bugzilla components have recently changed (actually they are being changed as I write this), and therefore, a short document on how Bugzilla components map to pieces of the software seems appropriate.

It might be useful to review these diagrams in order to get a better idea of how these pieces work together: Calendar architecture overview diagrams.

Component Name Description Default QA Contact
Internal Components For issues with the internal interfaces themselves (i.e. code from base or libical directories). An example of this would be oddities in date or timezone calculations. base@calendar.bugs
General For issues related to the Event/Task dialog, and for issues that do not fit into other categories such as installation or Operating System integration (an example: Sunbird failing to look up attendees in Mac addressbook). The build identifier field will be used to determine whether this applies to Lightning or Sunbird. general@calendar.bugs
Calendar Views For issues concerning the grid views: month, week, and day. Issues concerning display, drag/drop, searching, and inline editing of events/tasks. views@calendar.bugs
Lightning Only For issues that only affect the Lightning product. For example: Lightning menus, toolbars, Thunderbird integration, preferences etc. Note that localization issues should be reported to the Mozilla Localization project. lightning@calendar.bugs
Sunbird Only For issues that only affect the Sunbird product. For example: toolbars, menu items, sunbird specific preferences, etc. Note that localization issues should be reported to the Mozilla Localization project. sunbird@calendar.bugs
Provider: Local Storage For issues regarding local calendar storage, based on mozStorage (SQLite). storage-provider@calendar.bugs
Provider: ICS/Webdav For issues regarding communicating .ics files via remote (http:) and local (file:) URIs. ics-provider@calendar.bugs
Provider: CalDav For issues regarding communications with CalDAV servers. caldav-provider@calendar.bugs
Alarms For issues with alarms for scheduled events and tasks. alarms@calendar.bugs
Import and Export For issues with format conversions (for importing and exporting, emailing, and cutting, pasting, dragging and dropping to/from another application). import-export@calendar.bugs
Printing For issues with printing. printing@calendar.bugs
Tasks For issues with Task lists, display, editing, and searching. (If it applies only to tasks file it here, if it applies to tasks and events file it above in the Front End components). tasks@calendar.bugs
Security For app-level security bugs. If the problem relates to underlying components (PSM, NSS, Core, Toolkit) then please file it in the appropriate product instead of here. calendar@security.bugs
Website For issues with the Calendar Project web pages (HTML). (Bugs in the on-line help documentation should be reported at the calendarhelp project.) website@calendar.bugs

Old Documents Related to this Discussion

The pages below contain the various proposals that were considered. The proposal outlined above is a compromise between proposals one and two. Calendar: Bugzilla Components