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A rough roadmap for addition of CalDAV support to the Calendar codebase and products. These dates are "week-of", not hard-and-fast deadlines, with the exception of the basic interop test ("interop-1").

We need to file bugs on these things, and annotate this page heavily with them. Please feel free to help!

NOTE: Will this CalDAV implimentation work with Hula? As a company that sells Hula servers, having Mozilla Calendar support would be great. CalDAV support is currently in SVN and is actively maintained. SebPayne

Nov 1: Item interfaces

Nov 9: Provider/backend interfaces

  • async protocol update/validate/notify semantics (calICalendar)

Nov 15:

  • CalDAV "shell" for simple server interaction
  • SERVER: first access to CalDAV prototype implementation (partial)
  • STORE: attendees, status (yes/no/maybe)
  • refactored ICS/ical parsing and serialization for use of new interfaces, and reuse from CalDAV

Nov 22: Sunbird building atop interface changes

  • calICalendarProtocol registration model defined
  • basic CalDAV protocol implementation in tree
  • UI: repair/update Sunbird attendee-mgmt dialog
  • UI: add-meeting dialog changes for specifying attendees (no address book integration, just simple text fields)
  • driver shell for testing/developing calendar providers

Nov 29: Sunbird CalDAV milestone: "in and out"

  • Meeting creation
  • Including attendee list (simple mailto: URLs)
  • Full-calendar and single-event fetch from CalDAV server
  • No local caching required; if local-store caching present, need to be able to suppress it for a "server-only" mode.
  • API complete: free/busy data
  • ICS backend updated for new interfaces, ICS service, etc.

Dec 6: Sunbird CalDAV milestone: "change is good"

  • Alter meeting event properties (my attendance status, add/remove attendee)
  • Delete meeting
  • UI: free/busy display in meeting-details/add-meeting

Dec 15 (proposed): Sunbird milestone release to get testing on changes? (codename: "let's not have this fight in front of the children")

Jan 5: (to account for Xmas holidays)

  • Use CalDAV REPORT for time-range queries in server-only mode.

Jan 15: Basic interoperability ("interop-1") test with CalDAV server

  • Create new meeting (with implicit invitation on server side using SCHEDULE?)
  • Specify multiple attendees
  • Week-view based on REPORT
  • Alter meeting properties (my attendance-status)
  • View week's events