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We identified a set of areas where we feel Sunbird/Lightning can differentiate itself within the Calendar market. We then chose several items from that list where we want to focus our energies:

Differentiation points

  • Open standard based
  • Open source
  • Cross-platform
  • Extensibility
  • Theming
  • Works with other calendars
  • innovative in doing X
    • web services (search, maps, weather, holidays)
    • low cost calendar sharing
    • SMS reminders
  • Easy/fun to use (design)

Release Theming

The above discussion came out of a brainstorming session about quick/fun slogans with which to market our 1.0 release. Note that these are just ideas and are not official in any way/shape/form.


  • Your schedule with you always
  • Never miss a class party
  • Help you stay connected
  • Help you stay in sync
  • Flexible enough to meet your needs/to make it your calendar

Small Business

  • Manage your life, not your calendar
  • Never miss a meeting
  • Use your time, we'll schedule it
  • Keep your team marching in step
  • Manage work and life all at once
  • Firefox's ease-of-use, for your calendar
  • Shared calendars, shared goals
  • Your calendar, free from walls