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This page should be used for planning SUMO documentation for the Calendar Project. If you would like to contribute, please contact a member of the team.

Here follow some suggestions on which areas of Calendar could be documented. This is by no means all, feel free to add more.

  • "Getting Started with Thunderbird, Lightning and your Google Calendar" (i.e. update with permission Jonny's faq at: - a quick and concise summary of getting started and doing the most common tasks for the most popular calendar provider
  • Possibly transfer some FAQ items from Calendar:GDATA_Provider
  • How do I access <insert calendar provider here, i.e yahoo, google> ?
  • How do I open an ICS file
  • How do I subscribe to a remote calendar
    • Explain different calendar types (caldav, webdav, ...)
  • Main Calendar View
    • Sorting Calendars in the Calendar List (DnD, Ctrl+Up/Down)
  • Event Dialog
    • How to create certain recurring events (custom)
    • Custom alarms
      • In which cases Email/SMS alarms are available
    • Inviting attendees
    • Show time as free / show time as busy

  • Setting up Invitations (i.e the email in the calendar properties dialog)
  • Using Freebusy
  • Explain the Today pane
  • Explain Import/Export