Calendar:F2F 03 Status Notes

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We are doing the best we can on dataloss –�dataloss from known providers (ical outlook etc) not hand generated ics files.

Caldav is a gray area of work. It needs a lot of work to get it up to dog food status for the 0.3 release. It was completely broken in the last release and doesn't need to be broken in this one

We really want to bring Ltn up to Sunbird feature richness so that we give people a reason to move off of sbird 0.2

We need to change bugs assigned to mostafah into nobody so that we can tell which bugs are truly open - complete

Several things for 0.3 need to be discussed with UI implications Task handling –�how it is displayed do we want just a list or what not – move tasks to UI whiteboarding for tomorrow

Use status whiteboard for SWAGs and for listings of status of the bug (needed patch, ui review etc)

Need ctalbert to talk with jminta about expected behaviors for various actions in order to write correct testcases for litmus.

Added the requirement to allow different users to edit a shared ICS file safely to really give people the incentive to get off of 0.2

Everyone needs to NOMINATE BUGS FOR BLOCKING 0.3. This will enable dmose mvl and jminta to look at the bugs and determine what will need to be fixed for the release