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This page is meant to be used by calendar developers. To add minor comments/feedback, please use the discussion page. More extensive discussion should be taken the newsgroup.

Basic overview

Drag and drop falls into 2 basic categories: (1) internal to the app and (2) internal to/from external. Drag and Drop has the advantage that it provides shortcuts for common tasks with absolutely minimum UI. Overall, DND should be available for the following actions:

Internal to the app

  • To create and event
  • To modify an event's start and/or end
  • To schedule time for a task or unscheduled event
  • To change the calendar of an event?


  • Dropping ics data should import the data into the selected calendar
  • Dropping ics files should subscribe to those files
  • Dropping urls should subscribe to the file at that location
  • Dropping mail should create a task from that email (follow-up)
  • Dropping (natural language) text describing an event should create that event
  • Dragging calendar data should export it as iCalendar and as natural language

Proposal pages

Related bugs

Design/Implementation status on the CVS trunk as of 2006/7/18

  • Drag and drop is available for creating and modifying an event
  • Dragging calendar data from the month or multiweek views exports it in iCalendar format.