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This page is meant to be used by calendar developers. To add minor comments/feedback, please use the discussion page. More extensive discussion should be taken the newsgroup.

Basic overview

This page covers features of importing and exporting events and tasks in Comma Separated Value format. This very basic format is human readable and understood by nearly all programs.

Development goals

Recommended date format is YYYY-MM-DD with a four digit year at the beginning. Time format should be HH:MM:SS with 24-hour values. Calendar will also understand dates and times in the locale scheme of the operating system but data format must not change within a file. The universal indicators AM, a.m., PM and p.m. are always recognized.

Proposal pages

Related bugs

Design/Implementation status on the CVS trunk as of YYYY/MM/DD

We can do all this cool stuff...

CSV Field Mapping

# Event
field values
1 Subject eq. SUMMARY
2 Start Date eq. DTSTART
3 Start Time - DTSTART
4 End Date - DTEND
5 End Time - DTEND
6 All day event - VALUE=DATE attribute True, False
7 Reminder on/off Reminder On/Off VALARM component True, False
8 Reminder Date eq. TRIGGER
9 Reminder Time eq. TRIGGER
10 Meeting Organizer - (ATTENDEE)
11 Required Attendees - (ATTENDEE)
12 Optional Attendees - (ATTENDEE)
13 Meeting Resources - -
14 Billing Information eq. none
15 Categories eq. CATEGORIES
16 Description - DESCRIPTION
17 Location - LOCATION
18 Mileage eq. none
19 Priority eq. (PRIORITY) High, Normal, Low
20 Private eq. PRIVACY True, False
21 Sensitivity eq. (CLASS) Normal, ....
22 Show time as - (TRANSP) 2, ...
23 Status (STATUS)
24 Due Date (DUE)
25 Date Completed (COMPLETED (in UTC!))
26  % Complete (PERCENT-COMPLETE) Fractions of one
27 Total Work -
28 Actual Work -
29 Companies -
30 Contacts -
32 Role -
33 Schedule+ Priority -