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Goals for Lightning 0.9

The list below states the goals for Lightning 0.9. The goals were discussed and agreed on the F2F Meeting 2008, in Hamburg.


Improving the usability is important for this release. Goal is to get the critical pain point which are mostly the view "up and running".


The performance is still, especially with "large" calendars too low. In addition the Lightning does not provide good feedback mechanism, showing a progress while Reload.

The performance improvements shall focus on the major pain point only


Interoperability is important. Especially with Outlook. This release will focus on fixing the biggest pain point.


Calendar Views

  • Display Half Hours
  • CSS improvement (bring Grid to 2008)
  • Replace Decorated Header (Nav Bar) by standard Items
    • Navigation, Date Info, Calendar Week Info
  • Task Mode Borders
  • Improve Look of Mini Month (Done)
  • Make Toolbar background look the same as in Mail Mode
  • Display invitation Link in all Modes
  • Indicators (<- ->) for All Day Events
  • Show indicator if event is out of view

( (

Event Boxes

  • Truncated Font Height
  • Make Zero Length Events selectable
  • Event input XOR problem (Black text on dark colored events)
  • Optimized Context menu (Bug 340025)
  • Display status icons for: Series's, Private
  • Edit, Delete, Move Series's

Today Pane

  • All Day Events Visualization
  • Allow users to display the Mini Month instead of the Mini Day
  • It should be possible Drag & Drop of Events from the Event List into the Task List and vice versa
  • It should be possible Drag & Drop of Events from the Event List onto Mode Toolbar Buttons for conversion
  • Add Borders to Task Lists, Add margin to Event List
  • Display Today Pane in Calendar Mode (patch available)
    • Default: Tasks, Mini Day OFF
  • Display Today Pane in Task Mode (patch available)
    • Default: Events, Mini Day OFF


Layout changes for Task Dialog,

Dialog Improvements

  • Cluster Time Zone List
  • Usability optimizations of Freebusy Grid (-> Low Prio)

Calendar Creation Wizard

  • Optimize UI - remove "local", add overlay for providers, button to pull providers from web. (low prio ??)


  • Progress display on reload See → TB, Toolbar and status bar,
  • Error handling on network errors (simple Solution by denoting the calendar -blinking or graying out) Timer relaxing after hibernation.
  • Error notifications
  • Leaks

Improved iMIP/iTIP

  • The missing METHODs
  • Outlook Roundtrip


  • Scheduling


  • Integrate gdata-provider into product

Timezones Registry, updatable

  • for branch maintainance mode