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What is Lightning 0.1?

Lightning 0.1 is an embedding of the Mozilla calendar code specifically designed to run inside Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 and 1.5.0.*. This release is a preliminary, non-production release designed to showcase the work that's been done and allow contributors to help us test it out. True email / calendar integration is planned, but that is not part of this release.

What can Lightning 0.1 do?

  • Help you keep track of your personal schedule
  • Subscribe to calendars on the Internet (via HTTP/WebDAV)

Important things to know before trying Lightning 0.1

  • Modifying ICS calendars or entries created by programs other than Lightning may result in data-loss.
  • Editing calendars by more than one user may result in data-loss.
  • There is not yet an Undo/Redo mechanism for calendar operations.
  • Alarms for recurring events should not be relied upon.
  • This is a preliminary release, and despite our best efforts, may have other bugs that can eat your data. Always make regular backups! There is information about profile directories and the WebDAV Calendar Backup System that may be helpful.
  • There are a number of important known issues.

Missing/Incomplete Features

There are a number of parts of Lightning that are not yet complete or still have issues. Important such features include:

  • Printing support is minimal.
  • CalDAV support is extremely basic, has issues, and is difficult to set up. Generally speaking, it may be useful for testing, but is not ready for day-to-day use.
  • Offline support only works for local calendars.
  • Syncing with other calendar software (such as handheld PIM devices) is not supported.
  • Localization is not yet supported (though it is probably possible to do).
  • Lots of performance and user-interface work still needs to happen.

Downloading Lightning 0.1

  • We have a second release candidate for Lightning 0.1. We're hoping this will be the last one.
  • Pick the appropriate XPI file for your platform, save it to disk from your browser, and then install it in Thunderbird 1.5 or 1.5.0.*.

The first time you run Thunderbird after installing Lightning, be sure to go to the Lightning pane in the Preferences or Options dialog and manually set your timezone correctly, and then restart Thunderbird again. This will prevent your events from being pinned to the wrong timezone.

Discussion / Bug Reporting

Discussion forums where Lightning is on-topic include:

Reporting bugs is best done at Please file bugs in the Calendar product.