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(Most of the discussion -- lots of great stuff there, thanks! -- was moved to the Discussion area for this page. Click the tab above, or press Alt-T to see and join it.)

Some very clear user requirements have emerged for task management:

  • Hierarchical task relationships, including dependencies
  • Hierarchical task storage, such as by folders
  • Rich categorization and grouping primitives, including "project" creation, and association with related mail categories/folders/labels.
  • Good email-to-task creation capabilities;

  • Ed O'Loughlin points to the excellent examples at I also endorse a way to create tasks from selected text, so that it's easy to excerpt email and web pages into personal TODO items.

Some of these pieces (E-to-T, categorization, hierarchical storage) are excellent analogues to existing Thunderbird features, and would be good first-release candidates to demonstrate the value of the integration. This is not to say that all of these things are not fantastic features -- "must have", even, from my perspective -- but I'm trying to stay conscious of the market-timing value in having a first useful release in the summer of this year. Help me be strong!

What about the ability to share tasks or assign tasks to different people? This will probably require a shared todo repositiry. Alternatively, a specially formatted email would do the trick. As a schenario, I could create a task, forward it to a co-worker who is out of the office. It is delivered to them as an email and they can right-click->add as task.

Not very tight integration, but it should be easier to implement and then enhance at a later point.

What about using tags (from thunderbird 2.0) as a replacement for categories?