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This page gives you an overview, of all the bugs, that are currently scheduled for direct post 0.5 checkin.

The table below will be administered by the appointed sheriff, Michael Buettner (mickey), who will give the green light to people, to check the bugs in an organized way.

Bug Number Bug Description Checkin approved Checkin approved until Status Assigned To
334264 text color in about dialog is not default color 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done sipaq
346762 Lightning shouldn't include applicationUtils.js 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done sipaq
371916 switch between mail and calendar view 06-30-2007 07-01-2007 Done mickey
376496 Formatting is bogus when start and end time don't belong to the same timezone 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done daniel
377486 Remove unused feedProcessor.js file from Sunbird 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done sipaq
385341 Add ka (Georgian) to Calendar locales 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done sipaq
381415 RDATE/EXDATE list is not considered 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done daniel
382705 "Status" label in "New Task" window is misaligned 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done sipaq
383462 VTODO with RRULE but no DTSTART causes exception, missing entries 06-28-2007 06-29-2007 Done daniel
369848 Full name of day in Dayview (or none) 06-29-2007 06-30-2007 Done philipp
264150 Calendar widget should change number style for days with events [minimonth busy highlight] 06-29-2007 06-30-2007 Done philipp
364381 Year selection in minimonth is limited to 7 years 07-01-2007 07-02-2007 Done philipp
373888 code cleanup: use viewElem property in decorated views 07-01-2007 07-02-2007 Done mschroeder
383860 [Proto] Event dialog: Importance label is not localizable 07-02-2007 07-02-2007 Done hubert.gajewski
377401 [Proto] Always 3 minimonths in Recurrence-dialog 07-02-2007 07-02-2007 Done berend
377554 Reduce download size by compressing PNG images 07-02-2007 Done ssitter
259234 Event start time is greater than end time [if negative default duration] 07-02-2007 07-02-2007 Done bugzilla at onlinehome de
373004 [proto] all-day option doesn't affect free/busy transparency correctly 07-02-2007 07-02-2007 Done berend
364572 [Proto] Unable ro resize the transparent overlay in free/Busy grid 07-02-2007 07-02-2007 Done berend
352433 "all day" is shown on "print" view and printed product for an event selected "All Day" 07-02-2007 07-03-2007 Done mschroeder
327974 schema-*.sql has fallen out of sync with the provider 07-02-2007 Done ssitter
350323 show hidden calendars when they are selected. 07-02-2007 07-03-2007 Done tbe
372868 Schema out-of-date error check forces Tb to quit, so you can't disable Ln 07-03-2007 07-04-2007 Done mschroeder
262811 When hovering a ToDo item long lines of the description doesn't break into multiple lines [task/event mouseover preview wrap] 07-03-2007 07-04-2007 Done gekacheka
373898 rounding issues for grid boxes in calendar multiday view 07-03-2007 07-04-2007 Done luc.mousseau
364672 Minimonth: Chinese weekday names indistinguishable; even after expanding sidebar 07-03-2007 07-04-2007 Done gekacheka
373350 Days in minimonth should not be shrinked to one character 07-05-2007 07-06-2007 Done mschroeder
377463 Scrollbar appears / disappears in week & day view when dragging event past 12pm 07-05-2007 07-06-2007 Done luc.mousseau
380335 Add picture to Task in MonthView (instead of *) 07-05-2007 07-06-2007 MarkusAdrario
369689 In day and week views, events ending at midnight cannot be resized to a smaller size using the mouse 07-07-2007 07-09-2007 Done luc.mousseau